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This book provides a simple, practical & achievable approach for doing something we’ve all been talking about for decades:

Developing a sustainable culture of personal conversational Christian witness in our Churches that is suited to our times.

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Why aren’t most believers sharing the gospel? Why can’t we even get them to ‘evangelism’ seminars? Why don’t most Churches even have any training on personal outreach or witness? What are the real hindrances? Is it really fear and a lack of equipping – or has cultural changed and we need to adapt – or does it run deeper than that?

How could we relate the Christian message to a person in a ‘post-Christian’ culture like ours? How could we raise interest in the gospel when people aren’t interested? How could we communicate ideas of truth to people who don’t believe that a thing such as ‘truth’ exist?

How could we create a genuine culture of personal conversational witness in a Church (or small group), so we don’t have to keep running from program to program, with very little increase sustainable focus on personal conversational witness coming about as a result? How could we make any culture of witness established sustainable, and how could we make doing all of this achievable for a local pastor or small group leader who is likely already busy, not an extrovert, and is usually quite quiet about these things? Also – could this be done for an entire denomination? What would it take to turn a movement – and what might happen if many of us did?

These are some of the most significant questions we could ask as Christian believers in our nation today – because from the light of eternity we believe that nothing will matter as much as this. Without needing to change personalities – how could we do better, really?


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