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The Christian Church no longer enjoys a majority status in our society. How could we adapt, to become an effectively activated minority?

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How could we better release the hope of Christ beyond the bewildering intersection of our mission with denomination, Church and culture?

This book is about the function of the Church at the city and national levels. Why don’t we work together more — or is it that we can’t? The answer lies in our thinking. We’ve been led to believe that our functional unity is an idealism, when it’s actually the very thing Jesus prayed for (John 17). While some character-flaws might inhibit it, the Holy Spirit was given to help of us overcome these too (Galatians 5:22-23)! So here is a highly practical book that discusses cultural trends, what we could do together in view of them, and how united leadership might be released — all based on the foundational belief that, because the Holy Spirit is with us, more really is yet possible!

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3 reviews for In One Spirit

  1. Tony Collis

    It has been said listening to Dave Mann is like drinking from a fire hydrant! Reading material from Dave Mann is also insightful, strategic, contextual and prophetic, but can be consumed at one’s own pace. In his latest book he introduces and builds ideas around Church profile and partnership. This is an important conversation for regional and national churches and a must for every leader. I highly recommended this book.
    – Tony Collis, Pastor, Hope Centre Levin and initiator, One Million Children

  2. David Dishroon

    This book is a timely one in helping to raise awareness, ask needed questions, and could perhaps be a catalyst for ongoing dialogue about the importance of our unity together – in view of what God is doing all over the world, uniting His Church in answer to the Lord’s prayer for his followers to be one. I pray that God will use this book in Aotearoa New Zealand to do just that!
    – Ps David Dishroon, Changepoint Church, Tauranga

  3. Nick Klinkenberg

    In One Spirit is a must read. Allow it to ignite your imagination regarding what our commitment to a united effort might look like and be capable of achieving. Your thinking will be challenged!
    – Nick Klinkenberg. Vision Churches International; church planter & author.

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