Returning to a biographical focus of the first two series, series four will highlight four individuals who lived by values of honesty, integrity, grace, humility, forgiveness and courage in the face of the betrayal of the Treaty of Waitangi. The final story — similar to the first story in the first series (Te Powhiri — The Welcome), might be an overview story taking us through to today, with the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal having been established to bring some apology to past wrongs. The final story is important to the series – because it frames the failures in history in a context that we can now feel proud of. Our nation has chosen live by the values of justice received from our heritage – even though at most times in history such a thing would never have happened. It is something that we hope this series will help to become viewed a lot more positively!

Series three is the only series for which the stories are already partly-known by teachers and some of the public. This makes it’s sale easier – because it’s credibility isn’t questioned (which some of the other stories are – because the stories haven’t been told, and many are unaware of the powerful dynamics they contain in our early pre-Treaty history, and modern prejudices can preclude an ability to accept or understand the history).

However, the Waitangi series also has a significant strength in the way the narrative is ‘carried’. It firstly provides a narrative with a broader picture of what was happening in the lead up to the Treaty 1840 than most tellings of the history reveal. It also reveals a more robust range of the differing perspectives of those involved – including Maori, whalers/sealers/traders, missionaries, settlers and the colonial office. (Contrast this with the common over-amplification of the story as  ‘Maori = victim and Pakeha = perpetrator’, which is all too-oft communicated, even if inadvertently).  The way a story is told is important!

With a range of views in mind, this series also deliberately works to draw the non-Maori reader into the story (because Maori usually have a positive view to the Treaty anyway). As a result it leaves the reader with a level of empathy they may not have gained from other tellings of the story (at least, this is our hope). The narrative hopefully also leaves the reader with a feeling pride at who we are as a nation – because positive dynamics within the wider story are revealed which have too-often remained hidden or not been brought together well. For reasons like these we believe this series will be increasingly valued.

For awareness: A  ‘teachers resources’ was created and trailed early in 2017 and released late in 2017   – with different material for upper primary, intermediate and lower secondary teachers. This will helps teachers to more-easily teach and engage with the series, thus discovering the great educational resource that it is.


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